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  • Save Our Hospital!

    Posted on January 17th, 2017 andy No comments

    Keep-our-hospitalsMyPoster-2Come defend your local Ashburton & Buckfastleigh Community Hospital and join the demonstration against its closure – March with your friends and neighbours against NHS cuts this Saturday 21st of January. It is vital that people turn out in large number as a powerful show of opposition against proposed closures and cuts.

    Meet at Cleder Place, North Street, Ashburton at 10am. Wear something red (the health bosses said ‘there are no red lines’ in this round of cuts, so we aim to build a red line!). Cleder Place is the open green with small play area just down from where the public library used to be and area across from Adrian Ager, 38 North St.

    The group will proceed at 10.30am from Cleder Place up North St, turn left onto East St and march the short distance to Ashburton & Buckfastleigh Hospital.

    Please bring a placard (download one here). Let others know – please print out poster (here) and put in your window, on your gate, anywhere you can – use these or create your own.

    Parking in Ashburton can be tricky at the best of times so arrive early and perhaps consider sharing transport. If you need a lift, contact Andy: hospital@andystokes.com or 01364643920

    For more information about the march or the proposed closure of the community hospital, call Sarah on 07920 003112 or meadowdweller@hotmail.co.uk

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  • Buckfastleigh Food Festival – Sun 4th October

    Posted on September 7th, 2015 andy No comments

    Buckfastleigh Food Festival 2015…a celebration of local abundance…

    Meet local food growers, producers & distributors and try their produce at the first family friendly Buckfastleigh Food Festival

    Find out more here

  • Community Compost Project meets 21st September

    Posted on September 1st, 2015 andy No comments

    The Town Council Community Composting project meets to discuss the next steps on 21st Sept at 7.15pm at the Town Hall. Nicky Scott from Chagford’s ‘Proper Job’ will be there to give practical advice. Please come along if you would like to get involved…

  • Buck the Trend – Food-share (+AGM) – Friday 4th Sept 7pm

    Posted on August 20th, 2015 andy No comments

    Come and join us at Belinda & Neil’s land in Merrifield Rd (Waycott’s Orchard  here) at 7pm on Friday 4th September, to share food and information about the numerous projects that are going on in town, around a camp-fire (if it’s not raining! Undercover if it is). A good chance to reconnect and make new connections…

    Bring some food and your stories to share. We will also get through the necessary official business of the AGM at the start.

  • Engaging our Community – Open Meeting Wed 12th Aug

    Posted on July 29th, 2015 andy No comments

    ‘Engaging our Community’ on Wed 12th August at 7.30pm is an open discussion event hosted by Buckfastleigh Town Council.

    The ideas of open democracy, community engagement and empowerment are part of the platform on which the Buckfastleigh Independent Group got elected to the Town Council…

    This is a chance to start looking at the issues we as a community want to prioritise, how we engage the wider community to achieve those aims and how the Town Council can support this process. What would you like to see happen in the town? How do we move on the ideas highlighted in the Neighbourhood Plan? How do we involve more townsfolk?

    Come along to the Town Hall on Wed 12th August at 7.30pm. Please ncourage any others that you think should be part of it. Refreshments provided.

    Download a poster to display Here

    Community Council

    As part of this initiative, the Town Council are also floating the idea of a ‘Community Council’ to open up the process of decision-making and enable information, resource and experience sharing for those people and groups who are active or would like to be active in the community. Find out more by reading This.

    Send your feedback or interest in being part of this group to Andy Stokes

  • Meet the bats at Whitecleave Quarry – Sunday 9th August – 7.30pm

    Posted on July 21st, 2015 andy No comments

    bat diagramMembers of the public have been invited to come and visit the quarry on Sun 9th at 7.30pm to watch and listen to 400 of the very rare Greater Horseshoe bats – the largest population in Western Europe – on their commute through the quarry. Places are limited so you should contact Georgina Gilpin and let her know you if you want to come.

    N.B. This is weather permitting – cold, rain or strong winds may lead to cancellation…

    Find out more details here

  • Community Composting/Recycling Buckfastleigh – Tue 7th July

    Posted on July 1st, 2015 andy No comments

    From October, we will all have to pay Teignbridge Council if we want a green bin – Will people cram stuff into their black bin for land-fill or incineration? Or will they end up fly-tipping?…


    Maybe there’s a better solution… Find out more with:

    • Nicky Scott – of Chagford’s successful ‘Proper Job’ community recycling project &
    • Ben Bryant – Teignbridge District Council’s recycling officer

    Tue 7th July 7.30pm – Buckfastleigh Town Hall

    Click here to download a poster to display…

    Contact Mark Maish: markmaish@buckfastleigh.gov.uk for more info…

  • The Seed gets planning permission to keep cafe…

    Posted on June 13th, 2015 andy No comments

    the SeedAs of today, the See in Fore St., our friendly neighbourhood whole-food shop and cafe, has been given planning permission to continue as a cafe selling food and hot drinks.

    BTT offer our congratulations and support for the future to all at the Seed who have worked hard to make the place a welcoming and friendly part of the town community (as well as selling great food!).

    Many thanks to all the townspeople who supported the application…

  • Buckfastleigh Neighbourhood Plan

    Posted on May 25th, 2015 andy No comments

    The Buckfastleigh Neighbourhood Planning process, which will set out our plan for the community for the next 10 years, is almost complete.

    There will be a public consultation meeting in the Town Hall on Wednesday 27th May 7.00-9.00 to find out about the draft Buckfastleigh and Buckfast Neighbourhood Plan. The Plan is now being prepared following 18 months of community consultation. It will be presented at the Town Hall and all residents, young and old, are warmly invited.
    The meeting will be your opportunity to ask questions about the Plan’s ten key recommendations for developing the town and parish over the next ten years.
    It will include a presentation on the views of children and young people, and will include a short film on how they would like to see the town developed. There will also be an exhibition of sketch designs of what the town and parish could look like by 2025, if the recommendations are realised.
    The Plan presents practical proposals for – creating affordable homes; new jobs and enterprises; a new town centre; more tourism, heritage and nature conservation; greater leisure and vocational training facilities; better flood protection and measures to reduce noise pollution from the A38 and much more!
    The draft Neighbourhood Plan is available to download here – Buckfastleigh Neighbourhood Plan Final (CMc).

  • Plant n Produce Swap n Sale – Sunday 17th May 10am-2pm

    Posted on May 1st, 2015 andy No comments

    BTT & Buckfasleigh Primary School are holding a plant & produce swap & sale on Sunday 18th May from 10am till 2pm, at the school. More info here