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  • A walk on the wild side!

    Posted on May 27th, 2009 rachel No comments

    On Bank Holiday Monday, 25th May, Buck the Trend went wild!

    Well, to be honest, we went on an amazing wiold food walk led by Fiona Campbell who collects wild food nearly every day.  She  is extrememly knowledgeable having lived wild not only here but also having spent time with Australian Aboriginals and the Bushmen of the Kalahari learning how ancient peoples live from the land and treat it with respect. Fiona explained how our ancient ancestors would have spent a nomadic existence moving from the moor to the sea and back again as the seasons tunred. At this time of year we would have been leaving the moor and moving down to the coast living on the cleansing leaves that we were introduced to and encouraged to taste and to pick.

    Many of the group had already tasted the wild garlics that abound near us but thistles was a new experience for many. Useful cooking tips and ideas of how to eat the leaves were incorporated as well as what not to eat (poisonous plants). My favouirie discovery was pennywort, very mild and with a lovely crunch!

    Fiona forages most days and would be happy to take people out with her if they want to find out more (there is a cost), if anyone is interested please contact the group and we can put you in touch.