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  • Help to make Buckfastleigh & Buckfast Devon’s ‘Green Community’ – and cut your energy bill too!

    Posted on January 25th, 2010 andy No comments

    You may have heard that Buckfastleigh has been chosen as Devon’s ‘Green Community’ by the Energy Saving Trust. This means that we have a chance to show the rest of the county what can be done to make a difference to the environment, cut carbon emissions, and save energy.

    On Tuesday 23rd or Wednesday 24th February,  every household in the town will receive a ‘Home Energy Check’ form. This simple form, that takes about 15 minutes to complete, asks questions about fuel bills, heating system, insulation and windows etc.

    You can get phone help if you need it, or you can fill in the form on-line (if you are not in the Buckfastleigh area then this is the way to do it ) on the EST website here.

    You will then be sent specific details of what you can do in your home to cut energy use and reduce your fuel bills, and what government help might be available.

    What’s more, you will be helping to build a picture of energy use in the town, and how to start reducing it – which is essential for us all to make a brighter future for our children, and build a community where we would want them to live.

    Many Thanks,

    Andy Stokes
    Secretary, ‘Buck the Trend’