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  • Save Our Recycling Centre

    Posted on January 27th, 2011 Steve 2 comments

    Last week, Devon County Council (DCC) announced that the Bulley Cleave recycling centre in Buckfastleigh would be closing in April. Buck The Trend (BTT) have since been contacted by people from Buckfastleigh, Ashburton and the surrounding area who wanted to voice their objections to this closure.

    Everyone realises that DCC have got a very difficult task to meet the budget cuts that have been imposed on them by the government. We realise that these cuts will be painful, and that this pain needs to be shared around fairly. However, we do not believe that this closure can be justified financially, environmentally or socially.

    BTT have spoken with Julian Sanders, from Terry Sanders and Sons Limited who currently run the recycling centre. Mr Sanders informed us that prior to last week he had already identified significant cost savings that he could make. However, DCC announced that they would be withdrawing the tender for the recycling centre without even consulting Mr Sanders about any potential costs savings. This raises the question of whether DCC carried out a serious cost-benefit analysis on the closure.

    Currently, it is very easy for Buckfastleigh residents to drop their recycling off when they are making any car journey at the weekend, as the recycling centre is only just off the main road out of the town. If the closure goes ahead then it will require an extra 12 mile journey to Totnes to recycle any waste. Residents of Ashburton will see their round trip trebled. Given the extra financial and environmental costs of such trips, this can only lead to a reduction in the amount of waste that gets recycled.

    This un-recycled waste will most likely end up going to landfill (either via people’s black bins or through being fly-tipped), which will cost DCC dearly. One of the reasoning for DCC imposing such major cuts is the rise in landfill tax, so why implement a closure that will increase DCC’s landfill costs?

    The recycling centre is also close enough to Buckfast and Buckfastleigh for those without access to a car to take their recycling there on foot. This would no longer be an option if the closure goes ahead, especially given the proposed cuts to the bus service.

    We should also not forget that although the recycling centre only employs a handful of people, the closure would mean the loss of another in a long line of local employers.

    From the number of people who have already signed the petition to save the Bulley Cleave recycling centre it is clear that residents of Buckfastleigh, Ashburton and beyond really value this facility and take recycling very seriously. Further proof of this committment to recycling can be found in the high rates of recycling through the excellent doorstep collection service provided by Teignbridge District Council (currently ranked 8th in the country). There are also many local groups (such as BTT and Ashburton Futures) that are committed to helping people to ‘Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle’. Would a more sustainable approach to reducing the cost of our waste be to harness this local dedication to recycling, rather than making it more difficult for people to do it?

    BTT would urge DCC to take a closer look at the costs (both financial, environmental and social) of closing the Bulley Cleave recycling centre, and to re-consider their decision.

    How can you help?

    On Saturday 29th January, we are trying to arrange a visit from BBC Spotlight to the centre at around 11.00am. We would appreciate it if anyone who wishes to show their support for the ecycling centre could turn up (bearing in mind that there is little or no parking). However, THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED YET! We will post updates as and when we know more, so please keep checking here for updates.

    Unfortunately, Spotlight cannot make it to the recycling centre this Saturday (29th January), but if you still want to come along at 11:00 and show your support then please do.

    If you’d like to help in keeping the Bulley Cleaves recycling centre, then please visit the Save Our Recycling Centre website. This site contains more details of what action the town is taking, along with how you can help. For example you can:

    • find out where to find a copy of the petition to sign;
    • print out the poster shown above and putting it up in your window.

    Who can you contact to make your opinion count?

    The next step that DCC will take are for the DCC Cabinet to discuss the budget either on Monday 7th February or Wednesday 9th February. The deadline for the submission of questions for this Cabinet Meeting is Thursday 3rd February. If you want to influence this meeting then please contact any (or all) of the following members of the Cabinet making your feelings clear and asking them to raise the issue at the meeting:

    Name: John Hart (Cabinet Chair)
    Address: Bovisand Lodge, Plymouth, PL9 0AA
    Tel: 01752 403554
    Email: john.hart@devon.gov.uk

    Name: John Clatworthy (Cabinet Vice-Chair)
    Address: 23 West Cliff Road, Dawlish, EX7 9EB
    Tel: 01626 864091
    Email: john.clatworthy@devon.gov.uk

    Name: Roger Croad (remit for Environmental and Regulatory Services)
    Address: Higher Newlands, Godwell Lane, Ivybridge, PL21 0LE
    Tel: 01752 892223
    Email: roger.croad@devon.gov.uk

    Name: Stuart Barker (Ashburton & Buckfastleigh)
    Address: 7D International House, Battle Road, Heathfield, Newton Abbot, TQ12 6RY
    Tel: 01626 830082
    Email: stuart.barker@devon.gov.uk

    Name: Christine Channon
    Address: 12 Cricket Field Court, Cricket Field Lane, Budleigh Salterton, EX9 6JB
    Tel: 01395 442927
    Email: christine.channon@devon.gov.uk

    Name: Andrea Davis
    Address: Southwinds Cottage, Barnstaple, EX31 4NH
    Tel: 01271 883865
    Email: andrea.davis@devon.gov.uk

    Name: Stuart Hughes
    Address: 102 Temple Street, Sidmouth, EX10 9BJ
    Tel: 01395 578414
    Mobile: 07725 708891
    Email: stuart.hughes@devon.gov.uk

    Name: Andrew Leadbetter
    Address: The Annexe, 17 Exeter Road, Topsham, Exeter, EX3 0LQ
    Mobile: 07815 967989
    Email: andrew.leadbetter@devon.gov.uk

    Name: William Mumford
    Address: Point House, Noss Mayo, Plymouth, PL8 1EW
    Tel: 01752 873002
    Mobile: 07779149373
    Email: william.mumford@devon.gov.uk

    After this, the budget will go to the full council to be ratified on Thursday 17th February. The deadline for submission of questions for this meeting is on Friday 11th February. If you want to influence this meeting, then please contact your local DCC Councillor (their contact details can be found here.

    You may also want to contact your local district councillor. The contact details for Teignbridge District Councillors can be found here. The contact details for the Teignbridge District Councillors for Ashburton & Buckfastleigh Ward are:

    Name: Stuart Barker
    Address: 7D International House, Battle Road, Heathfield, Newton Abbot
    TQ12 6RY
    Telephone: 01626 830082
    Mobile: 07794 564955
    Email: Stuart.Barker@teignbridge.gov.uk

    Name: John Nutley
    Address: 19 Home Park, Ashburton, Newton Abbot, TQ13 7BE
    Telephone: 01364 652005
    Email: John.Nutley@teignbridge.gov.uk

    Name: Paul Parker
    Address: Mead, Alston Cross, Ashburton, Newton Abbot TQ13 7LJ
    Telephone: 01364 652805
    Mobile: 07951 562580
    Email: Paul.Parker@teignbridge.gov.uk

    The Executive Portfolio-holder for Environmental Services at TDC is:

    Name: Gordon Hook
    Address: 2 Forde Place, Forde Park, Newton Abbot, TQ12 1DR
    Telephone: 01626 362070
    Mobile: 07779 224467
    Email: Gordon.Hook@teignbridge.gov.uk

    This Saturday (29th January), we are trying to arrange a visit from BBC
    Spotlight to the centre at around 11.00am. We would appreciate it if
    anyone who wishes to show their support for the recycling centre could
    turn up (bearing in mind that there is little or no parking). However,
    THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED YET! We will post updates on  our website
    (http://www.buckthetrend.info/2011/01/save-our-recycling-centre/) as and
    when we know more. Please keep checking here for updates.

    2 responses to “Save Our Recycling Centre”

    1. Iam a regular user of the recycling centre in Buckfast, and very upset to here that some fool has decided it should close! Its a very busy and friendly centre, where the staff are always helpful and advise users on whats recyclable and assist people with there unloading, and organise a good reselling service. The alternative being Newton abbot is totally inpractical as there is always a massive que, the staff are often rude and unhelpful, and the recycling system is complicated at best! Not to mention the extra fuel miles envolved for rural users like me, which will over time offset any green recycling statement!
      Unfortunetly the Tories have a history of getting rid of things, or selling them off. Which has led to Water bills being six times the price they use to be, and it being cheaper now to fly than catch a train!
      What should have been learnt and understood by all this is once these valuable services have gone they NEVER come back. Begging the question what type of Country are we gonna end up living in, all because Thatcher deregulated the banks in the 80s.

    2. Is a contributing factor that the current site requires someone to sit at the corner to direct traffic and ensure there is no congestion? If so, would a facility at an alternative site in Buckfastleigh be a consideration (eg adjacent to bottle bank)?… and would the recycling facility at Totnes have the capacity to take all the material from the Buckfastleigh recycling site anyway?

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