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  • Save Ashburton & Buckfastleigh Hospital! Public meeting & Consultation

    Posted on January 26th, 2013 andy No comments

    There is a proposal, currently in the consultation stage, to move all of the current in-patient care from our local community hospital in Ashburton (and also the hospital at Bovey Tracey) to the new Newton Abbot super-hospital. There will be a public meeting held by the health trust on Tuesday 29th January at 6.30pm at the Town Hall for us to express our views.
    Consultation forms can be found at, and returned to the town hall before the deadline of 24th February, but I’d recommend using this as a starting point rather than just ticking the boxes they provide, as the form offers limited options…

    I believe that local health care makes for a more resilient, personal, caring and responsive community, in a similar way to local shops and businesses, but with our very well-being at stake.

    Farming out health-care to a huge, centralised, super modern facility may mean more efficiency and therefore cuts in spending, but at what cost to the well-being of our sick and elderly? At the moment they are cared for whilst staying part of the community, where they can be visited often by friends and neighbours (who may be too old, hard-up or busy to  make the round trip to Newton Abbot) and where they are well known and cared for by the friendly staff.

    I am also concerned that, like much of health-related new legislation, this is a cynical move designed to make it easy to close the hospital in the near future, when it is no longer providing services vital to the local community.

    I feel that it is important therefore for us to have our voices heard, by attending the meeting on Tuesday 29th Jan and by responding to the consultation before the deadline of 24th February.

    You can also fill in the form on-line here.

    Andy Stokes, Chair, Buck The Trend

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