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  • Library update

    Posted on October 27th, 2014 andy No comments

    Devon County Council have proposed new plans for the restructuring of the county’s libraries. You can see the details here.

    The good news is that within the plan, the libraries will continue to be run by paid staff rather than being dumped on volunteers (though volunteers will be encouraged to join in and increase the amount of services provided). The bad news is that the library service would leave the public sector and be subcontracted by the council to a new, separate organisation – a charitable mutual society – and they still aim to cut the service by the same  amount.  This move would save some cash through charity tax breaks, but the rest would still have to be found in other ways.

    The council are stating that this shows how they are listening to the public response – the consultation process produced masses of feedback, but neglect to say that they chose to drop their original proposal of staffing the libraries with volunteers, after Suffolk council, who were planning the same thing, dropped their plans due to the threat of legal action.   It was Suffolk council that then came up with this alternative model which has yet to be proven.

    The plan is to set up 10 libraries around the county as pilot schemes  to find out what will bring in the cuts they need and still provide a service.

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