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  • Save Our Hospital!

    Posted on January 17th, 2017 andy No comments

    Keep-our-hospitalsMyPoster-2Come defend your local Ashburton & Buckfastleigh Community Hospital and join the demonstration against its closure – March with your friends and neighbours against NHS cuts this Saturday 21st of January. It is vital that people turn out in large number as a powerful show of opposition against proposed closures and cuts.

    Meet at Cleder Place, North Street, Ashburton at 10am. Wear something red (the health bosses said ‘there are no red lines’ in this round of cuts, so we aim to build a red line!). Cleder Place is the open green with small play area just down from where the public library used to be and area across from Adrian Ager, 38 North St.

    The group will proceed at 10.30am from Cleder Place up North St, turn left onto East St and march the short distance to Ashburton & Buckfastleigh Hospital.

    Please bring a placard (download one here). Let others know – please print out poster (here) and put in your window, on your gate, anywhere you can – use these or create your own.

    Parking in Ashburton can be tricky at the best of times so arrive early and perhaps consider sharing transport. If you need a lift, contact Andy: hospital@andystokes.com or 01364643920

    For more information about the march or the proposed closure of the community hospital, call Sarah on 07920 003112 or meadowdweller@hotmail.co.uk

    Community hospitals are an invaluable part of patient care and deserve investment instead of closure. National and local government need to change their priorities and start putting people’s health first.

    The proposed closure of Ashburton & Buckfastleigh Hospital is just one part of the series of ongoing cuts to our NHS which are bringing the health service to its knees and endangering patient’s health and lives. Instead of providing proper hospital care and community beds, the Clinical Commissioning Group is proposing patients are cared for at home or in Care Homes.

    Care Homes and In-home Care Services in Devon are now privately run for profit as Devon County Council recently closed all county council-run care homes. In our area in April 2016, Mears Care Ltd was awarded the contract by Devon County Council. When inspected in Sept/Oct 2016 by the Care Quality Commission, it was found: “Inadequate

    The service did not employ enough staff to meet people’s needs. This meant people had not always received their planned visits or visits were late. This resulted in risks to people’s welfare and safety. For example people missed their medicines, missed their meals, and had to stay in bed. Some people who needed two care staff at each visit had only one staff member arrive. This meant care could not be carried out as required, or safely; or relatives/representatives were supporting the care staff to deliver care. This placed people and staff at risk of injury or harm.

    Staff providing care and support did not always have the skills and knowledge they required to care for people safely. This meant the provider could not be assured staff had the skills and knowledge they needed to meet people’s needs safely and appropriately.

    Some people did not receive support in a caring way, particularly when care was delivered by staff they didn’t know well. People told us they were unhappy with the lack of continuity of care staff. This had caused distress, especially for people living with dementia who needed to see familiar faces. People said they had been unable to speak with managers and did not receive a return call when they requested it. Some people told us they were fobbed off and found out that information given to them was untrue.” (excerpt from the Care Quality Commission website, where you can download the full report)

    Given the state of the Social Care sector and experience elsewhere in the UK, this is a sure recipe for sick and elderly people to end up dying alone and abandoned at home. It is clearly being done to save money. Not in the interest of our health as the Clinical Commissioning Group tell us and would like us to believe.

    Under this government and the last, investment in the NHS has gone from a 6% annual increase to around 1% – not even enough to keep up with inflation, let alone deal with the increased demands of an ageing population and the costs of paying shareholder profits to the increasing number of private contractors now delivering our health services.

    I hope you will consider joining the demonstration on Saturday the 21st of January 2017.

    The S Devon And Torbay CCG meets to decide the future of this hospital and the other 4 proposed to close on the 26th of January.

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