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  • Cut The Carbon, Cut The Costs

    Posted on March 22nd, 2009 admin No comments

    6th October 2008

    A new Buckfastleigh group is launching at Buckfastleigh Town Hall on 16th October. It  aims to cut the carbon, cut the costs and, as a result, be better off!

    The new group, called Buck the Trend, came together after a local talk on climate change. The groups members include a range of ages and interests with two things in common. All of them want to cut carbon dioxide emissions and their impact on the environment. All of them want to cut living costs.

    Melanie Jarman of the group said:

    We are concerned at what we hear about the state of the environment. At the same time, we’re concerned about the cost of living going up and up. We’re wondering if there’s a way to tackle both at the same time by, for example, using less energy in our homes, and developing local resources. We want to make Buckfastleigh a more sustainable place to live, and we hope to become a stronger community as a result.

    Buck the Trends launch event will be at Buckfastleigh Town Hall at 7.15pm on 16th October. The group will show the film “An Inconvenient Truth”, which tells the story of climate change. Early next year, the group will hold an energy event, looking at energy efficiency and possibilities for renewable energy in the town. Before then there’ll be a meeting to welcome new members and new ideas.

    Melanie Jarman said:

    All are welcome and we’ll need many hands on board to create a vision of a more sustainable Buckfastleigh – and to make it a reality!