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  • My2050

    Posted on June 30th, 2011 Steve No comments

    The My2050 webpage is a visualisation as well as simplification of the 2050 Pathways Analysis, and provides a simpler way of exploring the issues surrounding energy supply, demand and carbon emission reduction.

    My2050 webpage

    My2050 webpage (showing the supply sliders and energy security indicator)

    Using the sliders, which are based on the latest UK data, you can decide what actions we should take to reduce our carbon emissions by 2050. You will see the impact of the changes on your home, your city and your country.

    You can make adjustments to ‘Supply’ and ‘Demand’ options. The ‘Supply’ options are:

    • Biofuel Production
    • Oil, Gas & Coal Power
    • Nuclear Power
    • Clean Coal & Gas Power
    • Wind Turbines on Land
    • Wind Turbines on Sea
    • Solar, Marine & Hydro Power

    The ‘Demand’ options are:

    • Manufacturing Growth
    • Business Greeness
    • Home Efficiency
    • Home Temperature
    • Heating Fuel
    • How We Travel
    • Transport Fuel
    My2050 Slider Details

    A more detailed description of each of the My2050 slider options is available

    The changes that you make will alter the balance of supply and demand for both electricity and fuel. It will also alter the carbon emissions that are produced in 2050.

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