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  • December 2009

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    Welcome to Buck the Trend’s latest e-bulletin

    (1) Public Meeting report-back
    (2) Town Council support
    (3) Buckfastleigh Home Energy Check
    (4) Christmas Cafe and Craft Fayre
    (5) Buckfastleigh Green Library
    (6) Education group
    (7) Free stuff*
    (8) Low Carbon Dartmoor plan*
    (9) Garden Sharing*

    (1) Public Meeting report-back

    We held a public meeting on 25th November to launch the Green Communities partnership and discuss projects for the coming year. It was interesting and positive, with representatives of Transition Newton Abbot and Sustainable South Brent sharing their experiences, and an active input from the mayor and representatives of the Town Council and Buckfastleigh District Society. Thank-you to all of you who came along and added your voice to the discussions.

    (2) Town Council support

    We had a great meeting with the Town Council last week where we presented our story and vision for Buckfastleigh. The councillors were extremely supportive and positive, and offered to help wherever possible. One councillor is to be co-opted onto the committee so that they act as a communication channel and feedback to the council. It was a nice surprise also to be thanked for all the energy and commitment we all are putting in to the community. So well done everyone!

    (3) Buckfastleigh Home Energy Check mass-mailout

    The Town council has also drafted a letter of support to be added to the information that will shortly be mailed out by the Energy Saving Trust to everyone in Buckfastleigh, along with their Home Energy Check forms. These are simple forms that can be completed in around 10 minutes. They will enable us to begin an energy audit of the town, help people to make cost-effective energy-saving measures, and identify those who are eligible for free improvements to their homes. If you can’t wait for the form to be delivered, you can do the whole thing on-line at: http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/proxy/view/full/165/homeenergycheck

    (4) Christmas Cafe and Craft Fayre – December 20th

    BTT will be at the Christmas Fayre put on by the Community Arts Cafe project and Wildspace Buckfastleigh on Sun 20th December from 10am to 1pm at the Town Hall. There will be lots of stalls selling all sorts of stuff and sharing information about projects in the community. We will be adding our bit to the music and the craft activities going on, as well as having a stall to disseminate information and gather contacts. If you would like to help out or add your skills/craft or knowledge to the mix, then get in touch. Otherwise see you there…
    Please download a poster for the event to print and display: Craft and Produce Fayre Poster

    (5) Buckfastleigh Green Library – donations

    Give a book to Buckfastleigh this Christmas…
    We are building a special environmental/green section in Buckfastleigh Library, which will help spread important information within the community and be a permanent and visual presence for BTT. To this end, would you think about donating or purchasing any books, DVDs or other media about Environmental issues, Transition, Organic farming, Renewable energy, Recycling or anything else that you would like to see the community having access to. Our local library is a crucial focus for information and community, and they have been extremely supportive of Buck the Trend. You can drop items off at the library or donate towards the scheme by putting some money into the collection box there, or leaving them a cheque made payable to ‘Buck the Trend’. Please help make this into a really useful and inspirational resource for the town.

    (6) Education group

    The BTT education group met for the first time this month – we had an interesting discussion about possible projects involving the two primary schools. These ideas will be fed back to the school and developed further. We are also looking at running an energy awareness course locally. Contact info@buckthetrend.info if you are interested in being notified of the next meeting

    (7) Free stuff – FREECYCLE*

    Reduce – Reuse – Recycle… Don’t dump it, pass it on.
    We at Buck the Trend are avid users of the web-based free re-use network, Freecyle (at www.uk.freecycle.org ), but were recently reminded that not everyone knows about it. Just in case you haven’t used it, it’s a website where you can put information about stuff you no longer have a need for and invite people to come and take it away, or place a request for things you need, in the hope that someone has one they don’t want. You can be emailed as people add items, or once a day with a list of everything that’s gone on that day. The system is organised into local groups, and round here there are already groups for South Brent (which is used by those from Buckfastleigh, Ivybridge & Totnes) here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SouthBrentfreecycle/, or a little further afield, the Torbay group. Click ‘join this group’ on the right of the page to sign up and start enjoying (you will need to sign up for a yahoo account)…

    (8) Low Carbon Dartmoor plan – Dartmoor Circle – first draft*

    Dartmoor Circle have just published their first draft for a vision of a sustainable Dartmoor on their website. It is a very interesting read. Let us know of any feedback you have, and we will pass it on… http://www.dartmoorcircle.org.uk/lowcarbonplan.html

    (9) Garden Sharing – Landshare*

    Several towns now have successful garden share schemes where people who have gardens or land but don’t have the time, energy, skill or perhaps, inclination to grow food in them share land with those who have these things but lack the land. In return, they can supply some money, a share of produce, or some other service. Totnes’ Garden Share scheme has had a very good year. Here in Buckfastleigh we would like to hear from anyone interested in getting involved with a similar project. In the mean-time though, if you are interested, Hugh Fearnley-Whatshisface with Channel 4 have a country-wide initiative that you may have heard about. Go to http://landshare.channel4.com/ to find out more and sign up. Now’s the time to start hooking up if you want to have something in place by the spring…

    Have a great break…