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  • February 2012

    Posted on February 2nd, 2012 Steve 1 comment

    Welcome to Buck the Trend’s Latest E-Bulletin (February 2012)

    (1) Community Composting Update

    (2) Garden Share Update

    (3) Buckfastleigh Community Forum Update

    (4) Next Open Committee Meeting – Wednesday 8th February

    (5) Sustainable , Affordable, Community Housing – The LILAC Initiative (Film, Talk & Discussion) – Wednesday 22nd February

    (6) Dean Court Vintage Rally and Fayre – Saturday/Sunday 12th/13th May

    (7) * How to Educate for Resiliency: Seminar and Workshop – Monday 12th March*

    (1) Community Composting Update
    The Community Composting group met on 14th January. The visits to the existing sites at Proper Job (Chagford), Huntersmoon and South Brent were discussed. Discussions then moved on to possible sites in and around Buckfastleigh (a preferred site has been identified and discussions with the owner will start soon) and came up with a proposed plan of action. The date of the next meeting is to be arranged.

    If you would like to be involved in this project, or if you’d just like to have more information then please contact Ros (boz.box@virgin.net) or Jeremy (jdholloway1@live.co.uk).

    (2) Garden Share Update
    It may be freezing outside and the days may still be short, but do you dream about having a small patch of land for growing your own vegetables, fruit and flowers? Or do you have an unused corner of garden in Buckfastleigh or nearby that you would be happy to share with a grower?

    The Garden Share Project matches and introduces committed, enthusiastic, and respectful growers with local garden owners who want to see their gardens being used more productively.

    Thanks to the responses that we have already received from garden owners, we currently have more gardens on offer awaiting enthusiastic gardeners. For more information or to set up your garden share, call Marion on 01364 643467 or Jenny on 07891922459. Start growing your community today!

    (3) Buckfastleigh Community Forum Update

    a) Richard Townsend

    Firstly it was with great sadness that I received news last night that Richard Townsend lost his battle with cancer last week. Richard was a tireless champion of Buckfastleigh during the previous planning application for Whitecleave Quarry and the subsequent issues that arose from it. It was he who originally suggested at a meeting in March last year the idea of bringing representatives of all the community and interest groups in Buckfastleigh together under one umbrella, from which the Buckfastleigh Community Forum emerged. His illness prevented him from taking an active part in 2011, but he always maintained a strong interest.

    All those who had the privilege to work with him on the previous quarry campaign remember him with great respect for his professional and knowledgeable advice, and gentle manner. His wife is comforted to know that he was so well liked and respected by members of the community in his endeavours to help the town, and I am sure our thoughts will be with his family.

    b) Parish Poll

    The planning application for Whitecleave Quarry in 2011-2012 drags on. A meeting to vote on the question in a Parish Poll will take place at room 3 in the town hall next Tuesday 7th February at 7pm. The room’s capacity is approximately 60 people. The whole town council will be present, and it must be remembered that they have unanimously and strongly objected to the proposals.

    The Parish Poll will allow the whole town to express their view on the proposals to develop Whitecleave Quarry. Electors of the Parish are welcome to come and speak, air their views and discuss (and vote on) the wording of the question for the poll. The poll will be held between 14-25 days after this meeting.

    c) Environmental Permit for Devonport Incinerator – CALL TO ACTION

    In the planning proposals, ONLY Incinerator Bottom Ash categorised as “Non-Hazardous” could be trucked to Buckfastleigh. The testing regime for whether or not the ash is classified as hazardous or non-hazardous is determined as part of this permitting process at Devonport. So residents in Buckfastleigh have to comment on this. The testing that is proposed is lax and inadequate and it is very possible that hazardous waste could slip in after being incorrectly classified – we need to object to the current draft permit.

    We have submitted a 26 page letter to the Board of Directors and Executive Officers of the Environment Agency telling them to get their act together. You can support this by cutting and pasting (all or part of) the crib-sheet we have uploaded on the front page of the website  and emailing the Permitting Office at psc@environment-agency.gov.uk.

    Reference: Environmental Permit Number EPR/WP3833FT, Devonport Energy from Waste CHP

    This consultation closes this Friday 3rd February.

    d) Proposed Blasting at Whitecleave Quarry in February

    People may be getting a leaflet through their door from Gilpin Demolition stating that they intend to undertake trial blasts in the quarry during February. We have submitted a strongly worded objection to the Planning Authority informing them that we regard this as in clear contravention of the EC Habitats Directive. If the council give authority, then it is they who are potentially breaking the law. We have had legal advice on this issue and have made our MPs and 3 of our MEPs aware of this issue. Currently, Gilpin have NOT been authorised to undertake this blasting activity.

    The timing of this proposed trial-blasting is in order to provide information for determination of the planning application, which is currently scheduled to be on the 7th March. If trial blasts are delayed (as we believe they have to be according to European law), then this date may be pushed back again.

    e) Health Impact Assessment

    The Health Impact Assessment has been finalised. It SHOULD be formally announced as a consultation document by the Planning Authority very soon. We shall put a copy on our website as soon as this is ratified by the planning authority as this needs reading and commenting on, once again, to the council.

    For more information on the Buckfastleigh Community Forum, see their website or contact them by email at community@buckfastleigh.org.

    (4) Next Open Committee Meeting – Wednesday 8th February

    Our next open Committee meeting will be held on the evening of Wednesday 8th February. If you would like to come along, or if you have any subjects that you think we should discuss then please contact us (either via a Committee member or by email at info@buckthetrend.info) and we’ll let you know the exact time and location of the meeting.

    (5) Sustainable , Affordable, Community Housing – The LILAC Initiative (Film, Talk & Discussion) – Friday 9th December

    On Wednesday 22nd February, Fran Lee from LILAC (Low Impact Living: Affordable housing: Community) in Leeds will be visiting Buckfastleigh to show a short film and give a talk about the project. The event will start at 7:30pm in Buckfastleigh Town Hall.

    If you are interested in any aspect of sustainable or community housing, or in straw-bale building techniques, please come along. The talk will be followed by Questions & Answers/discussion and refreshments will be available. The entry price will be £2.00 (or £1.50 for unwaged/low income).

    Please download and display/distribute a flyer/poster.
    To find out more about LILAC, please go to their website.

    (6) Dean Court Vintage Rally and Fayre – Saturday/Sunday 12th/13th May

    Hopefully, most of you remember the Dean Court Vintage Rally and Fayre last year where we provided refreshments last year. Thanks to the hard work of those who helped out on the day (and those that provided us with cakes and other things for the day), we raised money not just for ourselves but for the charities that the event was supporting.

    This year, the event is on Saturday 12th or Sunday 13th May and they are supporting the Devon Air Ambulance Trust and the FORCE Cancer Charity. The organisers of the event have invited BTT and Friends of Buckfastleigh School (FOBS) to provide refreshments again this year in the Craft Marquee.

    We’d love to support this event again this year by providing refreshments, but we’ll only be able to do this if you can help us out. So, if you can help out on the day (even just for an hour or so) or if you could make a cake or some biscuits or something similar then please let us know. You can contact us either via a Committee member or by email at info@buckthetrend.info.

    (7) * How to Educate for Resiliency: Seminar and Workshop – Monday 12th March *

    “Cauda Equina – The Horses Tale” is a workshop Seminar with Rosalyn Maynard (who is running our Community Composting group) & Daisy Martinez, investigating pack pony travel by Dartmoor pony, mentoring partnerships and change as a field of inquiry. Rosalyn and Daisy have been working together for over six years exploring a mentoring partnership baased on Rosalyn’s walking practice “From My Doorstep” investigating relationships to self, other and place through direct experience in the body.

    This event will open with a seminar on the project considering the central theme of change as a field of inquiry and current developments to date including the commission of a pack pony saddle, followed by a workshop in the practice of the body-mind intergration techniques informing the work and the research. The event will be held on Monday 12th March, from 7pm-9pm at Pleasance, 48 Upper, Edinburgh University, 60 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ. By donation.