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  • June 2011

    Posted on June 29th, 2011 Steve 1 comment

    Welcome to Buck the Trend’s Latest E-Bulletin (June 2011)


    (1) Annual General Meeting – Wednesday 27th July

    (2) Design-a-Logo Competition

    (3) Buckfastleigh Fun Day Update

    (4) Buckfastleigh Community Forum Update

    (5) Community Composting Update

    (6) Gardenshare Update

    (7) Lamb Pie Day – 23rd July

    (8) * Teignbridge District Council Solar PV Loans *

    (9) * Teignbridge District Council Draft Council Plan Consultation *

    (10) * Seaweed Walks – 23rd June to 25th July *

    (11) * Energyshare Grant Support Deadline – 30th June *

    (12) * Making it Home Media Art Event – 27th June to 10th September *

    (13) * Taster Days in Sustainable Horticulture – 7th and 8th July *

    (14) * Dartmoor Big Bat Count – 2nd July to 14th August *

    (15) * Dartmoor National Park Authority Local Planning Consultation – 19th July *

    (16) * Scything Courses – 23rd July & 20th August *


    (1) Annual General Meeting – Wednesday 27th July

    Our Annual General Meeting will be held in main hall at Buckfastleigh Town Hall on Wednesday 27th July at 7pm. This will be followed at approximately 7:30pm by an open discussion on the subject of “Should we become Buckfastleigh Transition Town?”

    Everyone is welcome to come along to the AGM and the open discussion, and refreshments will be provided. For more details please contact us (either via a Committee member or by email at info@buckthetrend.info).

    (2) Design-a-Logo Competition

    Did you know that BTT logo was designed by one of the pupils at Buckfastleigh Primary School? This was so successful that we would like to try it again. This time, we would like to invite the children (up to the age of 16) of Buckfastleigh to design a logo for one or more of the following projects:

    •             Library Green Corner

    •             Community Composting

    •             Gardenshare

    These logos will be used on our publicity, on posters and leaflets about our events, and will also be used on our website. Your logo should be simple enough to work in the corner of a leaflet or website but striking enough to make an impact.

    Entries should be submitted on a white A5 piece of paper with the child’s name and contact details on the back (i.e. class name for those at school or a contact telephone number or address). You can design a logo for one or more of the projects listed above, but please use a separate sheet for each logo. A postbox for completed forms will be available in Buckfastleigh Library. We are hoping to work closely with Buckfastleigh Primary School to get as many local children as possible to take part.

    The closing date of the competition will be Sunday 24th July (the day after Lamb Pie Day). The winner(s) will be decided by the BTT executive committee and will be announced at our AGM on the evening of Wednesday 27th July. Each winner will be given a prize and a certificate of presentation.

    For more details please contact us (either via a Committee member or by email at info@buckthetrend.info).

    (3) Buckfastleigh Fun Day Update

    We’d like to thank all of those that helped out on our stall at the Fun Day, and to all of those that came along to buy a biodegradable balloon animal, recycle (or should that be upcycle?) the materials that we supplied into masks and hats and to those that created logos for our Design-a-Logo competition (see above). We were also glad to see so many people come along and find out more information on Whitecleave Quarry from the members of the Buckfastleigh Community Forum.

    (4) Buckfastleigh Community Forum Update

    Buckfastleigh Community Forum are holding an exhibition and presentation, followed by open-mic questions at the town-hall on Thursday 7th July. Exhibition boards will be up for viewing from 6pm and the presentations start at 7.30pm. Details of the plans for the so-called ‘recycling facility’ at Whitecleave Quarry are still not fully understood by most of the people in the town; there is a large element of landfill, with lots of new HGV traffic coming to town depositing toxic incinerator ash. Go along and get informed.

    The exhibition boards will include the results so far from our recycling survey and the opportunity to give your opinion on what should be done next.

    For more details please go to their website or email community@buckfastleigh.org.

    (5) Community Composting Update

    A number of visits to nearby composting sites is being planned. Three possible sites for composting in Buckfastleigh have been identified and investigations are continuing. Plans for opening the group to the public are continuing. The next meeting will be held on Monday 18th July.

    To find out the venue of the meeting or to help out with this project, please contact Ros Maynard on boz.box@virgin.net.

    (6) Gardenshare Update

    Our Gardenshare scheme has had an excellent response, with owners generously offering their gardens for enthusiastic growers to dig and plant, in exchange for some of the produce. We currently have four more gardens on offer awaiting enthusiastic gardeners – it is not too late to start planting!

    For more information or to set up your garden share, call Marion on 01364 643467 or Jenny on 07891922459. Start growing your community today!

    (7) Lamb Pie Day – 23rd July

    We would like to support Lab Pie Day on Saturday 23rd July by having a stall at the event. We’ll be publicising our “Design-a-Logo” competition, our current projects and any other good ideas that you can come up with to engage the public.

    If we are going to attend, then we’ll need to have a number of volunteers to run the pitch. So, if you have any ideas on what we could do, or if you can spare a bit of time to help out on the day then contact us (either via a Committee member or by email at info@buckthetrend.info).

    (8) * Teignbridge District Council Solar PV Loans

    Teignbridge District Council (TDC) is looking to increase the use of renewable technologies in privately owned and rented properties to reduce carbon emissions in Teignbridge by offering low interest loans to households in their area with a limited disposable income to help pay for a solar PV system, so they can benefit from the feed in tariff for the life time of the system.

    TDC will make an assessment of your household’s financial circumstances; the amount and type of loan available will depend on the outcome of this assessment. Assistance through a loan will be subject to an assessment of affordability to meet repayments and sufficient equity available upon which to secure the loan. The amount of loan provided will be subject to the cost of the technology being installed.

    The term of the loan can be between 1 and 15 years, depending on each applicant’s financial circumstances. Loan interest rates are subsidised and owners only pay at a fixed rate of 3% throughout the term of the loan.

    For more information visit their website or contact Zoe Farmer on 01626 361101

    (9)* Teignbridge District Council Draft Council Plan Consultation

    A new four year Council Plan has been drafted to take into account the new priorities and guidelines coming from political change at national and local levels.

    • Goal 1 – Economic Prosperity
    • Goal 2 – Quality Environment
    • Goal 3 – Wellbeing

    The new draft Plan tackles the needs of our communities and environment by setting out the Council’s goals and key challenges. It describes the positive action the Council will take on issues that affect us all.

    Teignbridge District Council want to know what you think! The consultation is lasting from Monday 20th June 2011 to Friday 29th July 2011. Simply go to this website.

    This survey may seem like a waste of time, but it is the same kind of survey that Devon County Council used to justify which services would be cut hardest when their budget was reduced. So, if you want the services that are most important to you to remain well funded then we suggest that you let your feelings be known by filling in the survey BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

    By taking the survey you can tell us if you agree with the Plan, or if you think we have missed something. Also, by taking part you could win a £50 voucher for a local shop, or charity, of your choice.

    (10) * Seaweed Walks – 23rd June to 25th July

    Seaweed is the most powerful food on Earth. It contains all the vitamins and minerals for optimum health, as well as 10 times more calcium than cows milk and 25 times more iron than beef. It makes you feel so vital, clear thinking and positive, it’s as though you’ve got the sea itself coursing through your veins.

    Learning the secret of how to add it to your every day cooking is easy when you know how. After three days of eating as little as 1 teaspoon a day, your hair will be shinier, nails stronger and strength in your whole being improved.

    So, come on a Seaweed Wild Food Walk and learn the secrets of Neptune’s magical bounty. Each walk takes about 3 hours from start to finish, covers about 2 miles down and up a steep hill and with some flat rocks to navigate.

    We meet at the Piglet Cafe on the village green in the centre of East Prawle. There’s usually plenty of parking around the green paid for by a donation in the box.

    The walks cost £12 for adults, children under 18 are free, and there’s an identification booklet for £3. Please bring some scissors, a basket and exact money as I don’t always have change.

    Seaweed walks are dependant on me getting a lift with someone from the Totnes or Buckfastleigh area as I don’t have a car. So, if you can help with a lift please indicate at the time of booking and you’ll receive a free identification booklet!

    • Thursday 23 June Seaweed Walk, meet at 9.30am
    • Saturday 24 June Seaweed Walk, meet at 9.30am
    • Monday 27 June Seaweed Walk, meet at 10am
    • Tuesday 28 June Seaweed Walk, meet at 10am
    • Saturday 2 July Seaweed Walk, meet at 11am
    • Sunday 3 July Seaweed Walk, meet at 11am
    • Monday 4 July Seaweed Walk, meet at 11am
    • Tuesday 5 July Seaweed Walk, meet at 11am
    • Thursday 14 July Seaweed Walk, meet at 10am
    • Friday 15 July Seaweed Walk, meet at 12.30pm
    • Saturday 16 July Seaweed Walk, meet at 12.30pm
    • Sunday 17 July Seaweed Walk, meet at 1pm
    • Monday 18 July Seaweed Walk, meet at 2pm
    • Tuesday 19 July Seaweed Walk, meet at 2pm
    • Thursday 21 July Seaweed Walk, meet at 2.30pm
    • Friday 22 July Seaweed Walk, meet at 3pm
    • Saturday 23 July Seaweed Walk, meet at 3pm
    • Sunday 24 July Seaweed Walk, meet at 4pm
    • Monday 25 July Seaweed Walk, meet at 9.30am

    Please Fiona Campbell by email (f.campbell270@btinternet.com) or call (01364 642309) to confirm your place.

    (11) * Energyshare Grant Support Deadline – 30th June

    There are a number of local groups hoping to go through to the next round of the EnergyShare grant being made available. These include bids from Transition Newton Abbot, Ashburton Community Energy, Totnes Renewable Energy Society, Totnes Community Wind Farm, Ivybridge Renewable Energy and Sustainable South Brent, as well as many others. The deadline for registering on the site and showing your support for a group is midnight on 30th June, so you’ll have to hurry!

    You’ll need to sign up with them to vote (via the Energyshare website), but you need only fill in the essentials, e.g. name, e-mail address and postcode. You’ll have to wait for an e-mail to confirm membership activation. Then you can go to this page, find the one that you want to support and then press the “support this group”.

    (12) *Making it Home Media Art Event – 27th June to 10th September

    There will be a mixed media art event piloting a series of performative actions considering local concerns relating to climate change and peak oil and exploring our relationship in Devon and on Dartmoor to the heritage Dartmoor pony breed in the 21st century. An iconic emblem and potent force for change and recuperation of our relationship to new but old forms of travel and transport at foot speeds.

    There will be three residencies each culminating with a performance of work generated. Each residency will include a public workshops programme open to anyone interested in making and/or observing the making process, sharing stories and experiences of foot travel, Dartmoor, the Dartmoor pony and our relationship, thoughts, feelings and concerns regarding climate change and peak oil.


    BUCKFASTLEIGH TOWN HALL: 27th – 2nd July 2011: workshops 29th June:  5pm-8pm / 30th June: 2pm-5pm / 31st June: 10am-1pm

    Walking to Holne: 4th – 6th July 2011

    HOLNE VILLAGE HALL: 6th – 9th July 2011: 6th July: 5pm-8pm / 7th July: 2pm-5pm / 8th July: 10am-1pm

    POSTBRIDGE VILLAGE HALL: 27th August – 3rd September.

    Walking with Dartmoor Pack Pony: 7th – 10th September 2011

    BELLEVER, DARTMOOR: 10th September 2011

    “I have always thought that the substitution of the internal combustion engine for the horse marked a very gloomy milestone in the progress of mankind” WINSTON CHURCHILL 1954

    For enquiries and for workshop schedule contact Rosalyn Maynard (07966 403574 or boz.box@virgin.net).

    (13) * Taster Days in Sustainable Horticulture – 7th and 8th July

    Come and experience tours and practical sessions in Schumacher College’s gardens.

    • Explore the college’s forest gardens; touch, taste and harvest the many species in this edible ecosystem
    • See our innovative composting systems and learn how to compost successfully
    • Learn about growing your own organic vegetables and plant a salad container to take away
    • Find out more about our sustainable horticulture course programme
    • Learn from staff and experience the gardens hands on

    In 2007 Schumacher College started to convert areas of its 3 acre grounds into an ‘edible landscape’, aiming also to reduce fossil fuel inputs in grounds maintenance and improve biodiversity value of the land. In 2009 The College launched its accredited sustainable horticulture courses and the students help to develop and maintain the forest gardens, composting facilities and the kitchen garden areas.

    These day events will be a wonderful way of introducing yourself to this practical aspect of our work and form an excellent taster experience for the Certificate in Sustainable Horticulture levels 1, 2 and 3 run in collaboration with Duchy College.

    The 7th and 8th will cover different material so you are encouraged to come to both sessions if possible. However, both days can be taken independently.

    The cost is £55 a day per participant per day. This includes activities, teaching, use of equipment and light refreshments throughout the day. This does not include overnight accommodation.

    For on-line booking please go to this website.

    For more information about the Certificate in Sustainable Horticulture levels 1, 2 and 3 run in collaboration with Duchy College go to this website.

    (14) * Dartmoor Big Bat Count – 2nd July to 14th August

    The Big Bat Count is aimed at beginners and is an excellent way of contributing to BCT’s National Bat Monitoring Programme. There are two parts to the survey and you can do one or both. The ‘Sunset Survey’ couldn’t be easier – simply spend the evening in your garden or a local open space and watch out for any bats that fly past. Record how many bats you see, which species they are (if you think you know) and, most importantly, which direction they are flying from.

    To do the ‘Sunrise Survey,’ go out just before dawn to look for bats swarming prior to returning to their roost. If you had seen bats on the ‘Sunset Survey’ you should walk in the direction they seemed to be coming from.

    Whilst this is a national survey, the records gathered by residents within the Dartmoor National Park will be collated by the National Park Authority and will be used to inform future conservation measures.

    A bat survey workshop will be held. Booking is essential on (01626) 832093. Priority for places on the workshop will be given to Dartmoor residents who wish to learn more about the bats in their neighbourhood and who want to take part in the Big Bat Count. The minimum age for participants is 16 years. The workshop will start at 7.30pm, finishing at 11pm, with a refreshment break. The venue is DNPA’s Headquarters at Parke, Bovey Tracey. Parking is available at the venue.

    Count the bats in your home, street or community green with the Big Bat Count! The count is on the 23 – 24 July 2011 or any day within three weeks of that weekend (between 2 July – 14 August 2011). You can do the count even if you have not come to the workshop, and it is very easy to do. We will provide you with the survey forms you will need.

    This is a partnership event of the DNPA and the Bat Conservation Trust and is part of the BCT Count Bat Project. Count Bat is a nation-wide project, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, to inspire a more diverse range of people to get involved in conserving bats.

    To find out more and to download a bat survey form, please go to this website.

    (15) * Dartmoor National Park Authority Local Planning Consultation – 19th July

    Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA) is currently consulting on draft planning policies that will guide decisions on planning applications and, where necessary, allocate areas of land for specific uses. Everyone is invited to the consultation events to learn more and comment on the proposals. Members of the Forward Planning Team will be holding a roadshow in the Globe Inn Car Park, Buckfastleigh on Tuesday 19th July from 3.00 – 7.00pm. For further information visit the DNPA website, or contact the Forward Planning Team on 01626 832093 or forwardplanning@dartmoor-npa.gov.uk

    (16) * Scything Courses – 23rd July & 20th August

    Our local Scythesman & Outdoor Educator, Alastair Inglis, has let us know about the following scything courses that are being run this summer.

    Saturday 23rd July, at Broadclyst Community Farm.  Price and bookings arranged through them.  Contact Crispin Adams for details:  projects@exeter-apples.org.uk

    Saturday 20th August at Wayfield Nurseries, Nr East Prawle, South Hams.  Price and bookings arranged through them.  Contact Cat Middleditch for details:  cat@sustainablecreations.co.uk