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  • March 2009

    Posted on April 2nd, 2009 admin No comments

    Welcome to Buck the Trend’s March 2009 e-bulletin

    (1) Energy Fair
    (2) Website
    (3) Call for speakers
    (4) Next BTT Forum
    (5) Homes for Good exhibition and 2 for 1 offer


    This went well with all who came seeming to enjoy it and get something out of it, whether it was a gem of knowledge from Tim, a handy web link from an info display or a tasty mug of soup from the café!
    Thanks to all who helped make it happen.

    (2) WEBSITE

    The Buck the Trend website is now running, thanks to Gordon. It’s operating with a “blog type of interface” – that meant nothing to me too until I actually looked at it – it means it’s easy to access by different users, and it’s easy for any of us to add comments and photos. Feel free to add your bit to the site. In particular, it would be great to see pictures or read comments from the Energy Fair. The site is at www.buckthetrend.info.


    Please get in touch if you would like to be a speaker at one of the monthly Buck the Trend Forums, or if you’d like to suggest a particular speaker or theme, as your input will help the Forums to stay interesting and relevant. Contact buckthetrend.tq11@gmail.com or phone 642656.


    This takes place on Monday 20th April at 7.30pm. PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF VENUE for this Forum – it will be held in the Town Hall instead of the Christian Community.
    The planned speaker has had to cancel so any suggestions for speakers / themes are welcome.

    (5) HOMES FOR GOOD EXHIBITION, 17 & 18 April, Exeter

    This last one is a repeat from the last e-bulletin but last time I went to this exhibition it was just so interesting and informative that I think it’s worth repeating: the Homes for Good exhibition showcases sustainable construction techniques and building materials, energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technology, as well as promoting realistic lifestyle techniques that help to reduce consumption, save energy and make sustainable living easy. Check the website – http://www.ecostrust.org.uk/h4g/ – to register for the 2 for 1 ticket offer. If you’re interested in going with other Trend Buckers then contact buckthetrend.tq11@googlemail.com