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  • May 2010

    Posted on July 1st, 2010 Steve No comments

    Welcome to Buck the Trend’s latest e-bulletin (May 2010)

    (1) Upcoming Dates & Events – please join us!
    (2) Energy Auditing course – and more…
    (3) Green Library receives grant
    (4) HEC Drop – what happened?
    (5) Local Renewable Energy Projects
    (6) *Dartmoor Circle Low Carbon Plan
    (7) *Transition Town Totnes launch Energy Descent Action Plan
    (8) *Ward Forester Project
    (9) *UK Community Psychology Conference- environment & sustainabilty –
    1st to 2nd July


    (1) Upcoming Dates & Events – please join us!
    There are a few events coming up that we would like to take part in.
    You’re help is needed, so please come and join us on Monday 7th June at 7.30pm at Anne’s house – 10 Bridge street TQ11 0BB (opposite the Sun Inn)- and help to plan what to do…

    Buckfastleigh Fun Day – Sunday 27th June.

    Lamb Pie Day – Saturday 17th July
    We have been offered the EST’s ‘Green driving simulator’ for the day – it needs a waterproof gazebo or similar plus an electricity source to run. If you can help with providing either of these on the day, please let us know. info@buckthetrend.info

    Big Lunch – Sunday 18th July
    The following day is ‘The Big Lunch‘, a UK-wide initiative started by the Eden Project as a community building exercise. Last year on the Millennium Green was great fun, so let’s do the same this year. We need a gazebo or two and some trestle tables.

    (2) Energy Auditing course – and more…
    BTT hosted a free ‘Energy Audit for Community Buildings’ Course on Thursday 25th March. More than the maximum 24 people turned up from all over Devon – Ilfracombe to Plymouth (as well as Buckfastleigh, Ashburton and South Brent), to find out how to cut their building’s energy footprint. They represented a wide range of diverse organisations including the Quakers, a hospice, and more than one Village hall.
    It was a great atmosphere, with the course presented by Anna Watts of the Centre for Sustainable Energy (http://www.cse.org.uk/) but everyone contributing their own, specialist knowledge and experience. Wonderful food was supplied, by Polly Wilson, and there was a great buzz and lots of useful contacts made between people attending.
    Many thanks for the Energy Saving Trust – Green Communities for providing this course for us.
    We will definitely host more in future, if we have enough interest so please take a look at the list and get in touch and let us know what you are interested in…


    I’d like to thank you and your colleagues … as well as Anna, for putting on such a great day…

    Thank you very much for a good day and useful seminar training. Lots of good people and contacts. Next one please!

    (3) Green Library receives grant
    Thank-you so much for your generous donations of books (and cash) to the Green library project. We have been kindly donated £400 from the discretionary fund of one of our local Teignbridge district councillors (John Nutley), towards purchasing resources for the project (for more details, see this post).

    The committee members have drawn up a short-list of books and DVDs but need your input. If you have a suggestion for an invaluable book or DVD that you would love to see made available to the community, take a look at the short-list here and let us know by email your recommendations. We are particularly short of ideas for children…

    We should be purchasing the materials soon, so watch this space for the launch date. Meanwhile keep your books and videos coming!

    (4) HEC Drop – what happened?
    Unfortunately, it appears that the Energy Saving Trust  Home Energy Check forms were not delivered to the doorsteps of everyone in Buckfastleigh and around on Tue/Wed 23/24th February. Could you e-mail and let us know if you received one or not – along with your post code?

    The Post Office are looking into it to see what went wrong.

    Even if you didn’t receive a form, you can still complete the form online at www.tinyurl.com/342tvu ).

    (5) Local Renewable Energy Projects
    We were hoping to benefit from the free advice supplied by RE4D in developing a local renewable energy project, but due to a change in their funding the free mentoring is no longer available. We still want to try and make progress with at least one local renewable energy project. One proposal is to work with the Teignbridge District Council to look at adding solar water heating to the Buckfastleigh Swimming Pool. If anyone has any other ideas of projects that we can help with, or if you’d like to get involved in such a project, please let us know.

    *(6) Dartmoor Circle Low Carbon Plan *
    Dartmoor Circle is working in partnership with Dartmoor National Park, and many other organisations and communities, to write a Low Carbon Plan for Dartmoor. A draft version of this plan is available online at http://www.dartmoorcircle.org.uk/lowcarbonplan.html. They would like to make sure the Low Carbon Plan for Dartmoor is as accurate, and includes as many good ideas, as possible.  That is why they are inviting everyone, especially people living on or around Dartmoor, to download the sections that interest them, and make changes and suggestions. Each section gives an email address you can send your new version to. If you are interested, please go and have a look (and contribute if you’d like).

    *(7) Transition Town Totnes launch Energy Descent Action Plan*
    ‘Transition in Action’ The Energy Descent Action Plan for Totnes & district has been published. It details what can be done to reduce fossil fuel use, reduce carbon emissions and build a more resilient community from now to 2030.
    It’s the first of it’s kind in Britain, and full of fascinating vision about the future of local food production, transport, energy, health… and is available for purchase or can be read online at http://totnesedap.org.uk/

    *(8) Ward Forester Project *
    Devon County Council and the Forestry Commission are joining forces to help landowners in Devon get the most from their woodland and improve the productivity of small woodlands.
    A new scheme known as ‘Ward Forester’ launching this Spring aims to manage clusters of woodland areas together to achieve economies of scale, access new markets and ensure supply for the growing woodfuel market. Initially this is being set up as a three-year pilot project.
    By bringing together small woodlands in the same geographic area and deferring management responsibility for these clusters to a professional ‘Ward’ Forester, the council and the Forestry Commission believe this will make woodlands more viable.
    If you are a woodland owner who might be interested (or if you know somebody who is), you can find out more at http://wardforester.co.uk, by telephone on 01392 382157 or by email at wardforester@devon.gov.uk.

    *(9) UK Community Psychology Conference-  1st to 2nd July- Plymouth University *
    Exploring the links between environment, equality, sustainability & community well-being.
    With a focus on the environment, equality, sustainability and community wellbeing, this two day conference will explore and debate these issues in a participatory, challenging, and inclusive event: bringing together community psychologists and other psychologists with community activists, along with people from business as well as local and national government to explore how we can use and change psychology together for sustainability, well-being and justice.
    You can download a flier here.