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  • November 2008

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    Welcome to Buck the Trend’s November 2008 e-bulletin

    Contents as follows:

    (1) BTT November Forum
    (2) Transport Group
    (3) Energy Group
    (4) Food Group
    (5) Website
    (6) National Climate Change March
    (7) Next BTT Forum


    This was a very good meeting with 16 people attending and several apologies from people keen to be involved in future. We had a go-round to hear each other’s interests and reasons for coming along. Everyone had something to say, and interests included energy, transport and food issues (see group reports below); building in a more environmentally sustainable way; re-using ‘waste’ more effectively and reducing consumption in general; having an open exchange place for things that people didn’t want; setting up a launderette; disempowering, or undercutting, the corporations that currently deliver things such as energy and food.
    There was also strong support for work that involved pulling communities back together, for example, making practical and seemingly small changes that are part of something bigger. At the end of the go-round we divided into smaller groups around three themes – transport, energy and food. Reports from these groups are below.


    The transport group talked about a number of things, including cycle paths and buses to/from Buckfastleigh. The group agreed to:

    Get information from the recent parish questionnaire about bus uses and bus requirements
    Contact Sustrans about cycle paths
    Talk to the transport group at the Steiner School about joint projects, such as trying to get a cycle path from Buckfastleigh to the school, which could then meet up with the cycle path to Totnes


    The energy group covered a wide range of issues, from the finer points of domestic stove installation, to an interest in developing town-wide hydropower systems, to the idea of a day of workshops and presentations around energy issues. The group agreed to:

    Contact the ‘Warm Zones’ project (www.devonwarmzones.org.uk) about becoming a partner and promoting the project
    Have feedback from the Transition Town Totnes energy evening this November so that we can think about what might/might not work for any similar event that we hold
    Meet before the next Forum to develop these ideas

    (4) FOOD GROUP

    The food group discussed existing local resources and ways to share them. It decided to:

    • Create an index of local green businesses – starting with those involved with food
    • Investigate and work towards shared-garden gardening
    • Investigate Community Farming
    • Make a log of natural food-related resources in the area

    (5) WEBSITE

    We have registered the domain name www.buckthetrend.info and Gordon and Tim have the skills to actually put something on there! Your thoughts welcome as to what you’d like to see on the site, or how it could be used.


    A national Climate Change March is taking place in London on 6th December (see www.campaigncc.org). Buses are going from Plymouth – phone 07803 620390.


    The next Buck the Trend Forum will take place on Monday 8th December at 7.30pm at the Christian Community Building on Chapel Street