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  • September 2010

    Posted on September 6th, 2010 Steve No comments

    Welcome to Buck the Trend’s latest e-bulletin (September 2010)


    (1) AGM Feedback

    (2) “Open” Committee Meeting – Friday 17th September

    (3) Fruit Tree Project

    (4) Dartington Christmas Tree Festival

    (5) 10/10/10 – Suggestions Please

    (6) * Reflections on the Environment – Friday 10th September

    (7) * Totnes and Dartington Open House event – Saturday/Sunday September 11th/12th

    (8) * Permaculture Course – Saturday/Sunday September 18th/19th

    (9) * Devon Car Free Day – Wednesday 22nd September

    (10) * Sustainable Horticulture courses at Dartington

    (11) * YouGen


    (1) AGM Feedback
    The Annual General Meeting was very well attended with 19 people turning up.
    Following the Committee and Treasurer’s Report, the following people were voted onto the committee for the next year:

    • Robert Byrnes (Chairman)
    • Anne Goulborn (Treasurer)
    • Steve Bamford (Secretary)
    • Richard Adams (Minutes Secretary)
    • Andy Stokes
    • Marie-Dominique Mayer
    • Clive Buckland-Bork
    • Neil Smith
    • Theo Tanser
    • Ruth Chadwick

    The short film The Story of Stuff was then shown, which prompted some interesting discussions on the topics raised in the film.
    Many thanks to everyone who attended.

    (2) “Open” Committee Meeting
    The next BTT Committee Meeting will be held on Friday 17th September, at 7:30pm at 18 Silver Street (Steve’s house). The meeting is open to all BTT members, but if you do want to come along could you please let us know (either via a Committee member or by email at info@buckthetrend.info) so that we have an idea of how many people will be turning up.

    (3) Fruit Tree Project
    We have been discussing what this project will involve, and where we could plant fruit trees in Buckfastleigh and Buckfast.
    If you are interested in these issues or have some knowledge/resources to offer, let us know by emailing us at info@buckthetrend.info.

    (4) Dartington Christmas Tree Festival
    Buck the Trend have been invited to take part in the Christmas Tree Festival at Dartington Hall. This will involve the decoration of one of 12 specially planted five to six foot trees in the mediaeval courtyard at Dartington Hall. The decorations will follow the theme of ‘sustainability’, which is one of the three themes of our work, along with the arts and social justice.
    If we do take part, we’ll have the autumn to prepare our decorations (which will would need to be weather-proof as the trees will be outside).On a date in late November or early December (yet to be confirmed), we shall be invited to bring your decorations up to Dartington Hall and decorate the tree. The decorating will culminate in a grand celebratory gathering of all participating community groups and local press, with mince pies, mulled wine and carol-singing.
    Due to the demand to take part in the festival, Datrington Hall are yet to confirm whether we’ll have our own tree, share a tree with another group or not be able to take part in the Festival. We have been promised that we should hear what our involvement can be by September 10th. If you’d like to be involved then please tell a member of the Committee or email us at info@buckthetrend.info.

    (5) 10/10/10 – Suggestions Please
    The 10:10 movement to reduce our carbon footprint by 10 percent in 2010 is promoting events worldwide on the 10th October, and we would like to do something locally. See http://www.1010global.org/uk.
    We are still looking for good ideas, so if you have one, please get in touch at info@buckthetrend.info.

    *(6) Reflections on the Environment *
    As part of a Multi Faith series of reflections on important topics, Clare Mortimore & Mike Skiinner are holding a further evening of spiritual/inspirational reflections on the environment on Friday 10th September at 7.30pm. Anybody of any Faith or belief or none is welcome to attend and to bring one or more appropriate readings/poetry/songs etc.
    The address is 98 Oaklands Park Tel: 642675 email clarmort@hotmail.com
    Clare & Mike are also trying to guage if there is any interest in an Inter Faith study course – ‘Spiritual & Scientific Dimensions of Climate Change’. Please contact them if you are.

    *(7) Totnes and Dartington Open House Event *
    Over the proceeding weekend, 11th and 12th September, there will be a Totnes and Dartington Open House event featuring 13 Eco-homes  and Transition Streets properties at various stages on the journey towards reducing impact on the environment while cutting household bills.
    If you are interested, please take a look at the details of the event.

    *(8) Permaculture Course *
    Klaudia Van Gool is running an “Introduction to Permaculture” course at Landmatters, near Totnes on September 18th and 19th. Costs are £75/55, and bookings can made via phone, 01579 346487, or their website.

    *(9) Devon Car Free Day *
    Devon County Council are organising Devon Car Free Day on 22nd September, in support of the ‘In Town Without My Car’ initiative.
    The aim of the day is to get people to leave their cars at home, explore other options for getting to work or school and to reduce their carbon footprint.
    We will be offering sponsored prizes for the winners of the ‘best team’    effort, and ‘the most creative way of travelling using green/sustainable transport’. People have been very creative in previous years and have used sedan chairs, horse and carts, tandems and rowing boats, for example.
    We have also been able to negotiate special fare prices for the day on several of the county’s bus services.  Details of these and the prizes are available on their website.
    In addition, our leisure cycling project working with Exeter, Exmouth, Barnstaple, Newton Abbot and Tavistock will be encouraging people to cycle to work on this day.

    *(10) Sustainable Horticulture courses at Dartington *
    Dartington’s Schumacher College are now complementing their very successful Level 2 Sustainable Horticulture Diploma with the provision a Level 3 Diploma (in collaboration with Duchy College). Last year, the Level 2 Diploma saw a 100% pass rate with twelve of the seventeen students receiving distinctions, and two awarded merits.
    To find out more please call 01209 721321 or email Karen Busby at Karen.busby@duchy.ac.uk.

    *(11) YouGen *
    YouGen’s aim is to help people to lower the carbon footprint of their homes through energy efficiency and renewable energy. Their website contains a lot of interesting information on renewable energy (including the Feed-In Tariff) and some great case histories.