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  • Community Composting

    Posted on June 29th, 2011 Steve 1 comment

    Community Composting logo (designed by Lewis Gasson-Jones from Buckfastleigh Primary School)

    T h e    s o i l    i s     a l i v e !

    In one teaspoon of soil there are ONE BILLION microscopic organisms

    Bacteria and Fungi.  There are literally 1000’s of different species

    In 1 square metre of soil in the top 22cm there are as many as

    100,000 living creatures…

    mites  /  springtails  /  spiders  /  ants  /  beetles  /  centipedes

    millipedes  /  slugs  /  snails

    & or course there are:


    As many as 300 earth worms per square metre!

    Compost heaps are even more abundant with life forms than soil!

    Colonies of bacteria in a compost heap can

    double – elduob



    And keep on doubling reaching ASTRONMICAL LEVELS!

    All this activity respiring, consuming and reproducing creates

    )))  Heat  (((

    And the heat loving

    bacteria thrive.

    Then when the compost heap

    (((  Cools  )))

    There’s plenty of FOOD to go around for everyone.

    All kinds of creatures,

    BIG and small

    love the w a r m t h of the cosy compost heap:

    beetles / larvae / frogs / toads / slow worms / grass snakes

    and birds will visit by day and bats will visit by night

    Everything that lived recently can be composted:

    food / wood / cardboard / paper / wool / grass cuttings / straw / hay / saw dust / branches

    Imagine a cheese sandwich…the

    brown stuff is the bread and the green stuff is the cheese.

    Get the mix right and


    :) :) :)

    ~ Make your own lovely soil for FREE ~