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  • Recycling Survey Results

    Posted on July 4th, 2011 Steve 1 comment

    Thank you to everybody who has filled in the recycling survey. We have had over 130 responses so far and here are the results that we have received.

    Selected Comments:

    One more loss for Buckfastleigh. How many more?

    This is a lively & very well used resource for the people of Buckfastleigh & surrounding areas. It is always busy. People are very angry that there has been no consideration of local opinion. Consequent cleaning up bills will be far greater for the council. Councils should serve the public and not make decisions with no comeback.

    I feel that this is an enormous loss to the community. It was an efficient and friendly service.

    Stupid! There will be a lot of fly tipping. I won’t do that, of course, being a law-abiding citizen. But it’s going to happen.

    This will make life more difficult as my husband and I are both OAPs and live within a tight budget. I think closing the centre is short-sighted and a false economy. Some people will probably take to fly-tipping in the area and as well as being prejudicial to the environment, the cost of sorting that out will probably amount to more than keeping the centre open.

    Closing this recycling centre is criminal. We need this place to stay green. Dartmoor will become a dumping ground.

    Aside from the loss of the recycling facility, the resale yard at Bulley Cleaves has been very useful to me on many occasions. It is invaluable for getting odd things for the garden and allotment for instance, and for mosaics and art projects. We need places where odd waste items can be redistributed for little cost, and these kinds of things are not available in mainstream shops.

    This has been a most valuable service and the men working there have always been so helpful.